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Family Restaurant in Desoto, Texas

Enjoy a nice meal with your loved ones at EVANS BAR B QUE SEAFOOD & CATFISH, a family restaurant in Desoto, Texas. All sides are available in small sizes or large sizes. Fresh sweet and unsweetened brewed tea and self-serve drinks are always available.
Flame, Family Restaurant in Desoto, TX

Mac N' Beef

This side is general macaroni and cheese with hamburger meat and special seasonings. Our customers love it!


Collard Greens

The collard greens we make are always fresh, and not out of a can. Enjoy fresh greens with your meal.

Pinto Beans

This side is similar to a chili bean. However, we sup it up with delicious ground beef.


Ground Beef

Our ground beef is seasoned with special seasonings. Everyone loves the great taste!


Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are mainly served on Fridays and Saturdays. Nice and sweet, these potatoes are the perfect side to complement any meal.

Green Beans

We add potatoes to our greens beans for added sustenance. Additionally, they are seasoned by Mr. and Mrs. Evans.


Fire, Family Restaurant in Desoto, TX

Whole-Kernel Corn

Our restaurant provides delicious, regular, whole-kernel corn with the special seasonings of Mr. and Mrs. Evans. The corn will make a great addition to your meal.


Cajun Rice

We add ground beef to our Cajun rice. Afterwards, it is seasoned by Mr. and Mrs. Evans, and served to our hungry customers.

Potato Salad

Our local restaurant provides homemade potato salad in a mustard base. Complete your meal with this Southern side.

Macaroni Salad

We provide homemade, mayo macaroni salad. You'll feel like you're barbecuing in your backyard!

Scalloped Potatoes

Try our creamy, cheesy scalloped potatoes, seasoned by the Evans. Sporting our special seasoning, they'll have your mouth watering.

Veggie Plate

Choose three different sides for your veggie plate. With fresh veggies always available, your only problem will be choosing which ones!

Delicious Desserts

All of our savory desserts are completely homemade. Top off your meal with one of the following treats:
• Peach Cobbler • Pecan Pie • Sweet Potato Pie • Chocolate Cake • Cheesecake
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