(855) 442-6641
1100 E Pleasant Run Road, Suite 120
Desoto, TX 75115-4238

Local Restaurant in Desoto, Texas

Our restaurant specializes in quality barbecue and catfish. We have a specialty "Mac N' Beef" macaroni and cheese dish that customers go crazy for. Additionally, we provide jumbo-stuffed baked potatoes, which you can get with or without beef. Our lunch special is a sandwich plate. All meats can come in a sandwich with two sides during our lunch special (Tuesday–Friday from 11 a.m.–3 p.m.).


Fabulous Food

We also provide two-meat and three-meat dinners, and meats are sold by the half pound or by the pound. We sell ribs in a slab as well. In addition, we provide catering for your next party. Catfish filets and whole catfish, along with fried shrimp, are sure to satisfy your guests. All recipes come from the owner, as our cooks are taught to make the special, secret recipes. General Manager, Johnnie Evans, make sure these recipes always taste their best.

Our location has a dine-in area, and we offer a complimentary salad for dine-in customers. We have a child's plate, including beef sausage link, ham, or turkey that comes with two sides. For large groups, call (855) 442-6641 for details about large order catering. Indoor seating is available, and we provide cable TV and offer free Wi-Fi.

We have our own parking lot, and our atmosphere is relaxing, making you feel right at home, like your Grandma cooked you dinner! Our restaurant can hold up to 50 people, and the TV is always playing sports, or tuned to a channel of our customers' request. Order food and sit where you like, and we are here to serve you if you need anything. Available beverages include:

• Dr. Pepper™
• Barq's™ Root Beer
• Fanta™
  (Orange and Strawberry)
• Sprite™
• Coca Cola Zero™
• Coca Cola™
• Specialty Fruit Punch

• Specialty Lemonade
• Fresh Brewed Iced Teas 

Contact us for more information about our family restaurant in Desoto, Texas.